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oh Alliyah!

  • "FINAMARI's Frieda multi-way bikini is so pretty! There are a lot of styles to play with, plus the color definitely highlights my tan skin tone!" ~ @micakirsch

  • "The perfect shade of blue. Plus, you get a multiway top in one bikini. The quality is so great, hugs your curves perfectly. And it's dive-proof too! I used it for my freediving training. You never have to worry about wardrobe malfunction!" ~ @kristyallen

  • "As a girl who loves neutral colors, I was kinda hesitant to try bright bikinis like this -but when I tried it on, it was a love at first fit! Super love how it fits my body like a glove and solved my camel toe issue in swimwear." ~ @nathaliegaile

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Bikini body redefined.

Committed to raising the confidence of every girl/woman in everything we do.  From the design detail, down to featuring an “everyday girl”, non-model, as our models. We want to inspire others so that they too can confidently be in their own version of a bikini body. Because we believe that a swimsuit or bikini should help boost confidence, and empowers you to be limitless in your pursuit of happiness.