Our Story

FINAMARI was born because, just like you, we are ordinary women with body challenges too. We love the outdoors, do all water activities, and we want our swimwear to endure our active lifestyle. We are the ones who can live in our swimsuits and bikinis all day long. We want to wear whatever style we want, whether we lose or gain weight, in the sexiest and most comfortable bikinis we can find but sometimes it's a struggle.


And yes, just like you, we went through our bikini body confidence journey.  We learned to embrace our unique beauties and imperfections. Finding a bikini that boosts our body confidence and meets our goals is quite a challenge.


We created FINAMARI for every girl and woman who is faced with the same challenges. We want to inspire and empower you to be a daring, confident beach babe no matter your body shape, size, or skin color. You are here to be yourself. Fully and unapologetically you, in your own version of a bikini body.